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Most of our adoptions never reach the web site. We have a list of people that we notify when a new Aby becomes available. To join this list send an email to using the email address that you want notices sent to. We strongly advise that you send in your adoption application first as there is often a lot of competition for Abys in certain areas of the country and if you haven't sent in the application, well, you snooze, you lose.


Nate From Rough N Ready, California




Blue Kitty


Nate is a very sweet blue neuter Aby.

His quiet nature is not very Abylike, but sometimes it's nice to have a mellow cat. Nate is 13 going on 14. His owner passed away, and the widow did not want him around. He is so good with everyone and everything - men, women, children, other cats, dogs.

But I'm hanging on to him - so he can go to a single pet indoor home. He will fit right into a condo or even an apartment. I think I will start calling him Rock Kitty.

Contact: Mimi Cary
Northern California Abyssinian Rescue



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