Adopted Abys

If you are interested in sharing your with this energetic senior, contact Mimi at

Foxy has been adopted -- 1/15/06

Foxy has been in the same home for her whole life since 5 months of age and that was over 10 years ago. Unfortunately her owner has developed allergies and is unable to continue to live with Foxy. She is a Ruddy, declawed in front. She is a lap cat that knows how to show affection. She will communicate with the typical Aby "chirrup". Even though she is considered a senior, nobody told her and she still plays with abandon with strings, shoe strings, and she loves to play fetch with yarn balls. Foxy has always been the only pet in the household.

NAR was unable to actually take possession of these cats and eventually gave up trying. An adoption agency near NYC now as a few of them. We are unable to provide any more information.


When you have a household full of 10 cats, a young child and your husband suddenly dies, sometimes you have to makes some difficult decisions. The owner of these 4 Abys is faced with exactly this situation and is being forced to give up 4 of the Abys. It is just too much to keep up with everything and her husband had been the caretaker of the cats. So we have 4 more Abys for adoption. They are all in good health, updated on their shots and they have their claws. They were all adopted into their current home and they are all boys. The owner's 5 year old child has interacted with them since he was born and they are used to and tolerant of children (except Red Ryder). Here are the particulars:
Thadeus is originally from Colorado and is about 10 years of age. He was rehomed recently to a neighbor, but the introduction was not careful and he came back having had trouble with the beagle and the other cat. He came back pretty upset and has been cautious and jumpy ever since. Whoever adopts him will need to work carefully with him as he doesn't handle change well.
We also thinks he should be the only pet. He is a beautiful, charming cat.

Red Ryder is a red Aby and is 14. His owner describes him as a "crazed super model". He was kept in a cage as a breeding cat until he was 7 when he was neutered and adopted to this family. He prefers the company of other cats to people. He is a sweet cat, but must come to you on his own terms. Whoever adopts him will not have to worry about trips to the dentist cause he has no teeth. He should be an easy cat to care for and really must go where there are other cats.

Little Babe is a Red from California. Babe was born in '94 and is in very good health. He is a normal Aby, nice temperament, very affectionate, loves to rub your face, purrs, comes when called. He likes other cats. He was allowed to go outside in a large enclosure.
Phebus is a 16 year old and is in his twilight years. He was having some balance problems and the owners had an MRI done and found something (which I didn't understand). With the vet's blessing they decided he didn't need any treatment as he was eating and purring and getting along fine even with being weak on one side. He is a very nice tempered cat -- super cuddly and affectionate. He purrs and face rubs -- a really nice cat. He has had most of his teeth pulled and has been a happy camper ever since. So if you have been waiting for that Aby that will fit in with other cats or small children, now is your chance.

These Abys are all in Martha's Vineyard, MA.

Please contact Linda at

Samson is adopted

Cheshire Connecticut is the location of a 7 year old ruddy male neuter named Samson. Samson is another poor Aby that is being rehomed because of other added pets. In this case, dogs. The owner tells me he is being caged because he doesn't get along with the dogs and would be happier in a home without other pets. Samson thought the dogs should leave, but was outvoted. I have asked the owner to update his shots so he is current. Please consider springing this poor guy from his cage and adopting him. Contact Carol at

Webster is Located in Connecticut
If you want to help Webster have the good life again, please contact Carol:

Webster is no longer available.

Poor Webster, what a life he has had for the past year. He is 7 and spent his entire life the in the same home. He was fine and happy for years until his owner decided to adopt a Greyhound. Now we have nothing against Greyhounds, but some of them can be deadly to cat's. They are supposed to be deemed either cat-safe or not before they are adopted. But every since the Greyhound has arrived, Webster has stayed in the basement a far as he can get from the hound. We suspect Webster knows something others don't. The stress caused him to have some sort of urinary tract problem. The vet cannot find a cause, but as a lay person, I think I have a pretty good idea. Plus Webster has gained weight (cowering in the corner and not running like a normal Aby) and this will cause problems and that can effect urinary health. So NAR has been contacted to find a home for Webster where he will be happier and healthier. He is a nice guy and would probably do okay with other cats with proper introduction. But probably not a dog. Webster is located in Columbia, CT

Last week there was a desperate rescue of over 20 cats in the Maryland/ Virginia/Chesapeake Bay area. The cats were left in filthy ramshackle cages when their eldery owner died suddenly. They have all now been taken in by a friend of the owner who is slowly getting to know them. Included are 4 Abyssinians, 9 Russian Blues, 2 Aby/Russian Blue mixes (we think?), 1 Tonkinese, 2 Orange Toms, and 1 unidentified beige cat with a fluffy tail. Of the 4 Abys, 3 are female, 1 of which is thought to be older (over 10). They are thin w/dull coats but with improved nutrition and care are gaining. We hope to have pictures of the Abyssinians and Aby mixes soon. The mixes are said to be exquisite. If you are interested in the Russian Blues, go to

These cats were found in heartbreaking, deplorable conditions. Because of this, the woman in charge of their care does not want to stress them further by shipping them to new homes. Therefore, please limit inquiries to homes within driving distances only. They also need to live in quiet households. Their exact location is 3 hours SE of Washington, DC.

Contact Cynthia at

All the Abys have been adopted, but they still have Russian Blues.

This sweet Aby is living in the Denver area. She was taken from a shelter last year and has made it clear that she will not live with other cats. So the person that adopted her from the shelter wants to place her. We are not absolutely certain she is purebred Aby, she may be an Aby mix, but if you look at the expression in her eyes below, you can see that she is plotting mischief like a full-blooded Aby.
If you would like to adopt this healthy Aby and have no other cats, please contact Leslie at
Haly has found a new home.

Here is Mimi -- demure

Louis -- what a cutie

If interested, contact Cynthia at
These Abys have all been adopted

Three abys near The Woodlands, TX, need new homes. These are really nice Abys that should fit in a number of homes. They are losing their home through absolutely no fault of their own, but their good-hearted owner that has adopted a lot other pets and now has to lower her numbers. The owner has been doing her own rescue of local mixed breeds and feels the Abys would be much more adoptable than some of the sad cases she has adopted. With proper introduction they should do fine with other pets. They are not causing any trouble now.
Here are the particulars:
Vincent is 9 and a real lover boy. He loves being held and petted and is very sweet. He will hiss at feeding but no biting. He and Louis do chase Mimi and she is opposed to that.
Louis (pronounced Looey) is a big boy, 7 years old. He loves being petted and talked to.
Mimi is Louis's sister. She is somewhat shy, 7 years old, but loves being held on her own terms. She always likes having her neck rubbed. Mimi has a bit of diarrhea from change of diet.
These are indoor only cats. Vince is declawed front and back. Mimi and Louis are front declawed. All are neutered. These Abys may be adopted as individuals, they do not need to be adopted together

Vincent -- reaching out for you....

These girls are a mother and daughter from Colorado Springs that have just lost their owner. They are young, 3 and 5. Both spayed and in good health. Mom is a red and her daughter is a ruddy. They have been exposed to other cats and they weren't happy, but there was no attack. These are a bonded couple of Abys and it would be best for them if they could go to their new home together.

3 year old ruddy girl photo above

If you would like to adopt these two sweeties, contact Carol (

The breeder of these cats saw them on the web site and has taken over their placement.

 Rameses is adopted and doing much better

Rameses is a 5 year old young neutered male that comes from some of the prettiest Abys in the country. He has lived in his present home since he was a year old. He was a show cat. After a short adjustment period he became the Aby ambassador and never met a stranger he didn't love. He was a well-behaved and happy Aby pet.

Things began to change when the owner brought in 2 other female cats. Then there was a death of one of the owners. The spouse is going to be moving and now wants to place Rameses. The female domestic shorthairs he lives with are not spayed and a couple of years old. This upsets Rameses and he started pooping outside the litter box. We believe that this behavior will change when he is away from the cycling females and in a home of his own, with no other pets.

If you are interested in providing a permanent home for this special boy, please contact Carol at


Scooby is adopted as of 7/5/05
His new owner says he has some physical problems due to the deplorable conditions he came from. But he is very happy to be in his new home.
Here is Scooby from Kentucky. He was brought into a shelter after a puppy mill where he was living was shut down by local autorities. He is very sweet and has just been neutered by the shelter. We don't have any of the usual information on age or color. We have a variety of ideas as to what he is. Some say a silver aby and some say a blue. You can call him whatever you want, but he is a beauty and deserves to live in a home rather than the small cage he was taken from.
If interested, contact Carol:
Bardo may be an old lady -- 15 to be exact -- but she is still all Aby and she will make someone a wonderful companion. She lives in Nyack, New York -- near NYC.

Today is Wednesday the 22nd and we need to have her out of her current situation in a week. Her owner is going to be abroad and moving around almost constantly so is unable to take this sweet girl with her. Bardot is She's a small kitty, very affectionate -at least in her space (she might be afraid at first in a new place). She has always been strictly and indoor cat. She has irritable bowel syndrome and was on Prednesone for a while, but she has been weened off that and now that we have her on IBD cat food she's doing fine (she like the Lamb and the duck). The owner will be happy to provide the cat food for anyone taking her in. Other than that her health seems good.

At her age she mostly sleeps, eats and ups up on your lap and purrs a lot. She is intellegent and she will tell you what she wants (special meows for food, attention, etc). Bardo has also been "head of the household" with no other pets her entire life. I suspect that at her age, she would probably tolerate another cat around her activity level with careful planning and following the Susan Baker rules of introduction.

We only have a week for her to be a direct adopt or we will have to really mess up her life by putting her in foster care before she is adopted. So if you can make a furrever home for Bardo, contact Carol at
Update: Bardo has been adopted locally by her owner. We are so relieved for Bardo.

If you are interested in adopting Cee Cee and can provide her a permanent home , please contact Ellen

We hope to find Cee-cee a new home that is fairly close to where Ellen lives in SE Michigan so that Ellen can help make her transition
run more smoothly (by taking Cee-cee to her new home and sitting with her in her new room for a time to reassure her that she is okay). C. cannot be shipped and her new owner will need to be prepared for a time period of the old cold shoulder (and maybe even some bad mouthing) from C until she is completely adjusted to her new home. She WILL revert back to the sweet dumpling C, we PROMISE. Ellen feels that Cee-cee can go to a home with a cat-friendly dog or even another older, mellow cat, so heads up you people who have been waiting for a bio that doesn't say "only pet home"!

CC is adopted and living in her own home. Congratulations Cee Cee and our deep gratitude to Ellen for literally saving this girl's life.
She came to us as Chi-Chi. Now she is known as Cee-Cee, or Miss C. Cee-cee turned 9 years old on February 27th and has a new lease on life.

She was the beloved pet of an elderly couple with the husband being "her" man. Her man died 3 years ago and 6 months later her woman person got ill enough with cancer to have to have hospice come in to take care of her. For the following 1 1/2 years Cee-Cee had to put up with a parade of strangers coming in and out of the house on a daily basis. Sometimes she was fed, sometimes not and most certainly wasn't loved by anyone. By the time the last owner died, Cee-Cee was a resentful, miserable mess.

None of the grown kids wanted her because she showed her unhappiness by lashing
out at everyone who came near her. They called us and she came to us with many
warnings: "she bites, scratches, had to be sedated at the vet to have her nails trimmed." When NAR gets cats like this we have a true dilemma. We have to ask ourselves, can this cat be rehabilitated? Who will take such a terror into their homes and provide the quiet, gentle routine that these cats need to get their
equilibrium back? I have the answer, Aby Angels!

Ellen Wexler in Michigan felt strongly that Cee-cee should be given a chance and prepared her spare bedroom upstairs for Cee-cee's comfort. For six weeks she proved herself not adoptable. Hissing, growling and threats were a daily event, but Ellen persevered. One day Miss C. changed her mind. Suddenly, like a light switch had been turned off, she completely stopped all the theatrics and from that day she has been a dumpling. Ellen says that she is now a kissy and lovey and a sweety-pie girl and Ellen adores her completely. The feeling is mutual. She has the cutest little habit of holding her paw up (as if asking to speak in class) when she wants to be petted. There are plenty of wonderful details about this wonderful nine-year old ruddy girl, but space does not allow me to indulge. Ellen says that C is READY. Cee-cee is all about routine. That is what brought her around to trusting us humans again. She needs a home with someone who has a quiet home to offer and hopefully a person who is routine oriented.

Ellen took her to her vet for the works and she is healthy as can be. Guess what? With her trusted Ellen at her side, she was the BEST PATIENT! She acted like an angel at the veterinarian. She did have two ouchy molars that were removed and her teeth were scaled. She was vaccinated and is good to go to an only pet home who will make her next several years peaceful and full of love and one that can
keep a fairly consistent routine.

If you want to talk more about Cee Cee, please contact her foster mom, Ellen Wexler at

If you would like to share your life with this great guy and you have no other pets and would be content to keep it that way, contact Susan Baker:

Congratulations, Alex. He now lives in a Sunnier climate than Michigan and is doing very well suppling the family with entertainment and being the lone pet.

Here is Alex from Michigan. You can tell by the look in his eye that he just loves the person taking the photo. He actually loves all humans and just drinks up attention. You can also tell by the feather toy that he is pure Aby and as such loves to play. There is one caveat with this beautiful cat -- he can't and won't tolerate other pets. He was originally rescued from a shelter by his current owner and was the only pet. But the owner liked rescuing him so much she started rescuing other pets, cats, a dog. Alex put his paw down and said, no way, I am the only pet or the dog dies. So he has to be kept separate for the rest of the crowd now and he really needs a new home.

Timmy is in the Boston, Mass area. If you meet the requirements and are interested in adopting Timmy, contact Susan Baker at

Timmy is doing very well in his new home. Adopted and adjusted.
Timmy's best friend is gone. Timmy was born February 10, 1998 (which would make him freshly 7 years old this month) and was bought by a lady in her mid-80's to be her friend and companion. Timmy was neutered and declawed as a kitten and has been a well-mannered, healthy Abyssinian ever since. Unfortunately, people get old and die, and Timmy's owner died sometime this past January. Timmy was living alone in his home with a caretaker coming in to take care of him when we were contacted by Donna's niece. She took responsibility for Timmy's rehoming and contacted us because she runs a doggie daycare center from her home and knew that Timmy would not be happy going from a quiet, only-cat home into her situation. We had hoped to find Timmy a good home before the estate was divided and sold, but we were unable to do that in the time we had left.

Timmy was put into foster care this past weekend with a wonderful person, Erika who lives within an hour from the Boston area. Here is Erika's report on Timmy: "Timmy is turning into a very social creature -- another love bug, more so than Drie even, if you can imagine. Purrs, chortles, head butts, and nose touches. He loves to be petted. When he gets really happy he starts licking our cheeks He puts his paws on both shoulders -- or pushes your face from side to side -- yes, he does thoroughly lick both sides, sometimes also the neck which tickles, I guess it's the Italian side of the family... He thinks its a game... It just started today.
   But, when he has had enough playing or petting, he will let you know by taking your hand in his mouth. He doesn't 'bite', but this seems to be his communication.
    He is easily scared (not a surprise), but wants to explore and to simultaneously be close to you.
    Carl took about 30 photos of him -- he's constantly in motion... In fact, most of the photos are of Timmy's eye, paw, nose, or tongue too close to the lens. "
    Of course Timmy's world has been turned upsidedown and it is amazing that he is doing so well already! I really think that Timmy is going to be a great pet for someone.


Timmy needs a quiet home, preferably without other pets absolutely without small children. We think that Timmy could possibly be placed in a home with one other older, mellow pet, however, homes where Timmy would be the only pet will be considered first. We will only place Timmy in a home within driving distance, and if you cannot drive to get him, please do not respond. We expect for Timmy's future home to understand that Timmy's world has been turned upside down and be patient and understanding with him. He apparently is one of those orally fixated Abyssinians, and communicates through GENTLE love-bites. If this frightens or intimidates you, please do not respond.
   Timmy is still a pretty young cat, so please remember that you will have him for another 7 years or more.

Isis is a truly unique Abyssinian. She was born with a strange tail and now it is mostly gone and she is a bobtailed Aby. Really cute, a real bunny. She lives in Newport News, Virginia. She was rescued by a good sam from an awful home situation.

Isis has adjusted well to the move, and still believes she hales from royalty or perhaps, the Gods. Unfortunately, she can't stay where she is. So she comes to us for a new permanent loving home.

If you would like to adopt this funny bunny, contact Carol.
Congratulations Isis -- adopted

If you are interested in Balthazar contact Carol for another picture of Baz, click here
Wonderful news for Baz. He is going to stay where he is. This poor boy will not have to go through the trauma of moving again.
Meet Baz who hails from the Chicago area. He is living with his owner's mother now, but needs a permanent home. The owner moved last year and he didn't adjust well. Now the owner has moved overseas and feels that he could not make the long trip and change of environment. Since he has been with her mother, he has improved and they have been able to cut back his dose of Prozac. Baz is a neutered male, almost 3 years old. He is current on his shots and FeLV negative. He is smart and playful and will do well in a quiet household where he is the one to start the action. Moving is every cat's worst nightmare, so he will need someone patient and willing to work with him. He was brought up by someone working out of the home and was a wonderful companion.

Meel Calvin from Michigan. He is a sweet neutered, declawed boy who is 7 years old. He is being rehomed because a baby is on the way. Can you find room in your home for this sweetie. He really wants to be the only pet and the owner doesn't think he will like small children. Congratulations, Calvin went to his new home 8/22/04.

Contact Carol:

Here is a very nice ruddy female. She was just removed from a shelter by Kendall. She is now in the Tacoma Washington area. She traveled very well by car and handles quite nicely, although she is a bit confused. Being tossed out of your home at 11 is pretty hard on a girl. Even with that her temperament is great. She has her claws, her teeth are excellent, in good health other than being somewhat overweight. Kendall was told she needed to be an only cat, but she will test that later in the week. She now has an Avid chip. If you are interested, please contact Kendall at

Congratulations, this girl is adopted and doing well.

As his foster parent, I thought it best to let him take his own time about human contact, not to push him. Slowly, he has finally joined the household. He loves to snuggle and head-butt on the sofa in the evenings, almost craving his newfound affection. He comes when called, but might scurry away if approached too quickly. He will need a home with a patient caregiver.

If you are interested in Campbell, contact Cynthia at -- he is located in Louisianna and is neutered.

Because of extra costs in acquiring Campbell, the adoption fee will be higher.

Congratulations, Campbell is adopted and adjusting very well.
This little guy is a real trooper. Born in September of '02, Campbell was acquired from yet another "miller" (commercial breeder) from SW Missouri getting out of the business back in November of '03. While NAR volunteers have rehabed/socialized several Abys from these caged, breeding situations, Campbell has presented a unique situation. We were initially in hopes that due to his young age, he would quickly adapt to home life. Poor fellow would not come out of his carrier or allow human contact for months, then cautiously at that. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body, never hissing, growling or any other typical fear response. He was simply frightened to death at the abrupt change in his life style...............from a cage in a barn w/no other stimuli to a home with humans and other animals. He really is a true sweetheart.

He is fine with dogs. Given his earlier life, he is completely unphased by large dogs. Quiet, older children may be fine, but the household does need to be quiet. He clearly has an aversion to the vacuum cleaner, disappearing for hours after it's run!!! He would like to be closer friends with my 2 neutered male cats, but they do all the hissing. Campbell just wants to be buds. Campbell, AKA Camie, has finally started to blossom into his Abyness, but will still need an understanding home to fully unfold.

BTW, he was named by NAR co-director for the very round, almost soup-bowl shape of his eyes.

Lexie is adopted and adjusting quite well.
Lexie has been in foster care for a few months. She will admit that things started out a bit rough. She had been very happy in her original home and didn't plan to move ever. She especially didn't plan to end up in an animal shelter. So when Angie generously offered to foster her, her daughter and friend, Lexie was in a very bad mood and earned the nickname "screech". That is in the past. Her sweet personality has come out and she is ready for a new home. She still has told Angie that she prefers her own company to that of other cats with the excption of Rad (a retired grand champion regional winning Aby who is quite handsome). So she might get along with a boy cat if he is as handsome as Rad. For more information, contact Angie at after you have filled out an adoption application.
Lexie is located in Michigan. She is healthy, has beautiful intense green eyes, is spayed and front declawed and is 8 years old.

My name is Lexie and I am ready for new experiences.

Contact Carol

Here are three little beauties. They were surrendered to a Traverse City area animal shelter and NAR found a wonderful foster home for them where they are settling in and making themselves comfortable. These three spayed female ruddy Abys are in good health and ready to go. A bit about each.
Abbie - declawed with a sweet personality and no bad habits. She is10 years old. Pretty hard for such a kitty to be uprooted but she is handling it very well. She has a blocked tearduct so one eye needs to be cleaned frequently. She is ready to love you. Aby is adopted and very happy with her new people.
Lexi at the left has lovely green eyes and has not taken this move without explaining to everyone that she was queen of the household and deservers royal treatment. She is a spayed/declawed ruddy. Sweet, but slow to warm to strangers. She is adjusting pretty quickly for an 8 year old..
Rosie (immediate left), Lexi's daughter is not sure why her mother is complaining. She loves everyone. She is also front declawed and spayed -- another ruddy female. Rosie is adopted and doing well in her new home..

Congratulations Maverick and Dillion, you have a furrever home together Maverick and Dillion are losing their happy homes! They are not going to be able to move with their owners who are going their separate ways. These fellows are in a rush as they date of the move is coming up very fast. Maverick (above) is a shoulder rider and a major lover. Dillion on the left is a blue Aby that is a true character. He has luxating patella (his knee pops out) but it has not slowed him down one whit. He is 6 years old and Maverick is 9. Please contact Carol ( if you can make a furrever home for these deserving Abys. They are located in South Carolina.



Very nice Abys need a new home. These three Abys live with a family in Ft. Lauderdale which has just become an extended family and allergy problems are forcing them to find a new home. Here are their particulars:
Corky is a 9 yo ruddy spay. Friendly, loving and in good health
Sofia is a 6 yo ruddy spay. Has a minor problem with luxating patella. Vet has indicated she is managing with it very well and will not need surgery. She loves you, but on her own schedule.
Jasper is a 7 yo red neutered male. He is a good boy, very sweet. 3/17/04 -- Jasper is adopted

All of these cats have pristine litter habits, get along well together. They may go as a group, or as individuals. It is expected that they would do okay with other animals as long as they are properly introduced and there aren't too many.

These lucky Abys have all been adopted. Contact Lori at

My name is Lexie and I am ready for new experiences.

Contact Carol

Here are three little beauties. They were surrendered to a Traverse City area animal shelter and NAR found a wonderful foster home for them where they are settling in and making themselves comfortable. These three spayed female ruddy Abys are in good health and ready to go. A bit about each.
Abbie - declawed with a sweet personality and no bad habits. She is10 years old. Pretty hard for such a kitty to be uprooted but she is handling it very well. She has a blocked tearduct so one eye needs to be cleaned frequently. She is ready to love you. Aby is adopted and very happy with her new people.
Lexi at the left has lovely green eyes and has not taken this move without explaining to everyone that she was queen of the household and deservers royal treatment. She is a spayed/declawed ruddy. Sweet, but slow to warm to strangers. She is adjusting pretty quickly for an 8 year old..
Rosie (immediate left), Lexi's daughter is not sure why her mother is complaining. She loves everyone. She is also front declawed and spayed -- another ruddy female. Rosie is adopted and doing well in her new home..

The lovely red Aby spay at left is in the Indianapolis area. She has been in foster care for many months. They love her, but she is just not adjusting to having other cats around her.

So the foster home is reluctantly giving her up. If you have no other pets, this girl will make a great addition to your life.

After a very long stay in a foster home, this wonderful cat is adopted and adjusting quite well.

Contact Carol at

Meet Azzie a 2+ year old spayed ruddy. Her owners made a home for Azzie when their daughter could no longer keep her. She is not fitting in with the household. She is a real sweety and gets along with the laid-back male, but the dominant female is making her life miserable. She is quite typically playful and Aby-like.

When Azzie moved in this past November she was tested for FeLV/FIV and was negative and has her shots updated at that time. She is located in Kansas City, Missouri.
Contact Carol Azzie is adopted.
No picture Annabelle was in a Virginia shelter and was adopted so fast she never made the adoption page, only the AAA list. She was in real risk because the shelter is being rebuilt and there was very little room for cats at this point. But the shelter people were so nice and they let us arrange for the adoption and then helped transport her from Virginia to Maryland. Thank you to the loving people at the Lovingston Humane Society. It is wonderful when breed rescue and humane societies can work together. It is the best thing for the cats.

Shelby has been adopted and is in her new home. 3/1/04

Shelby was surrendered to a massachusetts shelter and is now in a foster home. She is healthy but has been pretty traumatized by ending up in a noisy shelter in a cage after being head of the household in her former home. She is still frightened in her foster home. She really doesn't like other cats and has let her new neighbors know this. So she needs a single pet household. She will need patience in helping her to overcome her fears. She does like people.

She is pictured at left in her brand new foster home meeting the other cats for the first time.

Update 2/17 Shelby has the run of the house and is very loving to her foster person, but she still has a low opinion of the other cats. She would do best in a single cat household. The foster person describes her as in excellent health.

Shelby is 7 years old, a ruddy spay.

Contact Carol at

Sooky is a 6 year old red Aby spay whose owner is seriously ill and will soon need to let her go to a new home. Sooky knows her name and responds to it -- especially if food is being offered. She has had vaccination updates and teeth cleaning within the year.

Sooky lives in the NYC area and would love to have have a new home with no other cats. She is, after all, a princess.

February update 04 -- Shelby has met the family that will be adopting her when the time comes. They are prepared to make a loving home for her.

Contact Carol:

Diesel is a North Carolina Aby that wastaken to the vets to be put to sleep. Fortunately for this sweet shy boy he was rescued by one of the employees. But he isn't doing well in the double-wide with 3 children, 3 cats, and a bunch of dogs. He would like his own place with his own people. Can you make a furrever home for this neutered/declawed blue Aby male?
Diesel is adopted and doing very well in his new home where he continues to sleep in his favorite spot, the sink!
Contact Carol at

Congratulations on these happy endings

2/3/04 Gracie is home in Michigan -- thanks to Genny for transporting her from Kentucky.
We are looking for immediate foster care or an adopter for a young female Aby in a Kentucky shelter. She is estimated to be a year old. Is described as (say with emphasis) a sweetheart. She is FeLV and FIV negative. She has been recently spayed. She is good with other dogs and cats.

She has been in the shelter for many months, was brought in with a litter. They have no idea why she hasn't been adopted, she is a very
nice Aby. But she needs to get out of there as she is becoming very depressed living in a cage. What an appealing face don't you think? Beckoning someone to help her.
Contact Carol (

Buffy is adopted and doing well in his new home 2/1/04
Buddy lost his home due to his intense loyalty to his owner. She acquired Buddy when he was a kitten and he was the most important thing in his life. Then she met Mr. Right and married. Buddy was still "the man" in her life, but there was a truce with her husband. Then the baby came and Buddy lost his top spot. He was unhappy and his love's attentions were turned to the child. Buddy acted out and one thing led to another and he was taken to the vet's to live until a new home could be found. NAR found him a foster home, but they had another cat and Buddy took out his anger at losing his home on the new cat. Then Buddy was moved to another foster home and that didn't work out. He hated the grandkid. So he finally ended up back at the Vet's. He has been a love toward adults and is a perfect gentleman at the vet's. You are not imagining things, Buddy has crossed eyes. We have wondered it this effects his judgment and may explain some of the agressive behaviors he has shown towards other cats and childrden. Buddy needs a home without children and other pets. If you think you can make room in your heart for this sweet boy, contact Cynthia.

Congratulations Nola is adopted.

My name is Nola and I am from Texas. I am a nine year old spayed blue aby. I am a very lovable girl once I get a chance to get to know you. I don't just walk up to anybody! Some may say I am a princess, but I don't see it that way; I just like things my way. I don't like to be picked up. Things happened in my younger years that I would rather not talk about. I am very affectionate though. I just can't get enough sometimes! If you give me some time, I will eventually jump in your lap and not leave. If you have another cat, make sure that they are quiet and not too gregarious; I like my surroundings fairly quiet, so I really would prefer a home without small children or dogs. If you decide that you would like to give me a furrever home, please don't change my name. I have become very accustomed to it and actually come if some one calls for me. Contact Adrianne

For more pictures of Mariah, click here It is difficult to tell if she is a red or ruddy

2/1/04 -- Mariah is no longer available

Here is Mariah from Ocala, Florida. She is a real find. She is around 4 years old, spayed and is a real talker. She was originally found on the streets when she was around 6 months old. She was spayed and stayed in the same home for a few years. A rescue angel tried to persuade the "owner" to let her have Mariah, but it took a few years for that to work out.

She becomes available for adoption because one of the rescue angels resident cats hates her and won't adjust to her so Mariah has been living in the owners office. It is time for her to have her own home. Mariah does not seem to have a problem with other cats herself, but after being attacked by the resident grump, she might be a bit gun shy.

Mariah is front declawed, FeLV and FIV negative. She is in excellent health.

A real bonus is that Mariah's owner will help with transportation. If interested contact Carol at

No photo yet;

Chicago area. Jasmine is a ruddy Aby that is ten years old and has to be placed due to severe allergies on the part of the twin babies. The pediatrician is insisting. Her owner describes her this way

"Jasmine is incredibly loyal and loves children (we have three little girls aged 3 and under). She is also versatile -- as willing to nap in a patch of sunlight as play, depending on the mood of the people around her. She had a brother who died of cancer several months ago. She loved to play with him and would tolerate his more aggressive personality. She also lives with a dog with no problem.

She has moved with me from Chicago, to D.C. and back to Chicago again and never had any adjustment issues. She has a wonderful appetite and usually cleans her bowl. Still, she is incredibly whisp-like -- a good thing for her since she loves to be carried around. She purrs easily, seeks out cuddles, and has truly been the most wonderful cat I've known. I'm hoping that she'll end up with a family or individual who appreciates her as much as I'm sure she'll appreciate them -- that's just the kind of cat she is. I am so sorry to have to give her up for adoption -- if not for my twins' severe allergy, I would never dream of it."

Contact Carol    Congratulations, Jasmine is adopted.
Twofers. Blue Abys Phaedria and Isris are 11 months of age, spayed and should be adopted together as they have been together since birth. Phaedria is curious and outgoing. Loves to be petted but not crazy about being held. Isris is quiet and shy and loves to be held once you have coaxed her into your lap.They get purring together and it sounds like they are trying to sing a song.
These dear cats are located in Northern California.

If interested, contact Mimi These beauties are adopted.

Here is Sparky and Sparky with a friend. He is a half Aby, but a full Aby personality-wise. A real love bug.

He loves to be held (not exactly an Aby trait) and will make a wonderful pet. He has been bounced around a lot so we are looking for a permanent home for him.

Sparky is located on the west coast.

Contact Mimi

These guys have been adopted

Click on image to see a larger version
Emma is a beautiful 2-1/2 year old red Aby female, in sparkling good health. She is solid muscle, very lean and gorgeous. She is adored by her persons. She has had the bestest of care.

Reluctantly she must leave to join a ONE CAT home because she does not get along with her little sister.

Emma is very loving with humans and has neat habits. She will make someone a truly wonderful forever pet - so long as no other cat is there to compete with her.

Contact for more information. --Mimi Cary
Emma is adopted.

Alfie is no longer available.
Alfie is in Southern California now. He was living with his retired owner in Mexico, but the owner's health forced him to return to the US and is now forced to place Alfie.

Alfie is a neutered 9+ year old ruddy male who is really not ready to retire himself. He is affectionate and wants a furrever home with someone who is ready to be lavished with love.

He has tolerated visiting dogs, but has not lived with other cats. He has been leash trained.

If you think you would like to make a home for Alfie, contact Mimi
Titi is a sweet wonderful Red Aby that happens to by quite shy. In her current living situation it is causing her great discomfort. There are 2 other cats that pick on her mercilessly. When they were babies and came to live with her, she told them off regularly and told them it was her house and they didn't belong. Well they grew up and have been bullying here ever since.

Titi is current on her shots, except rabies and is front paw declawed. She is 5 years old and in excellent health.
Titi loves the dog and with patience should do well with a dog, but probably not a cat unless it was a very laid back cat. Titi lives near Rochester, NY. Contact: Carol  Titi has been adopted.

Oliver is 4 years old, a ruddy Aby who is living in a multicathousehold and would prefer to be the only cat. He has made this quite clear, so don't even ask about having him with other cats. He is sweet and loves to play. He also lives in Michigan. If interested, contact Carol at

To Oliver's great good fortune, the owners are going to keep him.

Riva is the last of the Abys rescued from a kitten mill in Missouri or Misery as we like to call it. She has learned how to be an Aby again. She came from a caged situation in a building with no windows or natural light. As you can see, she has that inner light that most Abys possess. Every one of the kitten mill or auction rescues have really turned out wonderfully, These cats really do show their gratitude and they certainly know how much better their lives have become.

Riva has a minor health problem, her eye waters and needs meds sometimes. Riva is a bit shy, but we believe that will only improve as she learned to trust her furrever people. Can you give Riva a new and life, completely different from her old life? She is a young girl, just 2 years old.

Riva (ruddy born 4/01 -- a real chatterbox)
Riva has an adoption pending -- she is going to join one of the other Abys from the same kitten mill
.-- it is official, Riva is HOME.

Contact Carol-
Riva is located in Southeast Michigan

"Aby Road" is so named because he was found last Friday in he road, homeless, front declawed and neutered. The good samaritan that found him has taken him in and isolated him. She would love to, but cannot keep him, her 8 other cats would protest. But she did the right thing and made a visit to the vet and had him tested for FeLV and FIV (he is negative). She tried to determine his age and the vet's best guess is between 3-7 years of age. He was pretty upset being in the house where he knew there were so many other cats, but he seems to be calming down. But caution rules and so we suggest that he not be adopted to homes with other cats and small children. Contact Carol

Photo coming soon

AbyRoad is located in Rockland Country, NY, about 30 min from NYC

This lost Aby has been found by the Good Sam that contacted me. The owners are very happy to have him back.

Congratulations, Cleo has an adoption pending 8/2/03

As you can see, Cleo has quite a comfortable life. She has been queen of all her domain for 6 years and thought it was her permanent home to rule as she saw fit. Well, it doesn't pay to get too comfortable because little does she know but her owners are going to have a baby and feel that she must go. She is a generally healthy spay. About once a year she has had a bout with FUS and that is the reason they feel they must part with her.

I asked them about food as maybe being the source of the FUS and found they feed her Brand X dry. I personally feel with a good diet without dyes and additives her urinary tract would probably be a lot happier. But, who am I???

Cleo is located in Wisconsin. If you would like her to rule your home, contact Carol. I think because she has been the top banana for so long that if we can find a cat-free home, it would be best. Otherwise someone who will be willing to take as long as it takes to adjust her into a household with lowly serfs.


Darius -- blue male
Petfinders has 3 Abys listed in Newberry, Florida. They have photos on line, but the url is too long for an email connection. These three are FeLV negative, current on their shots, spayed/neutered and in good health and between 3-4 years of age. 2 ruddy females and a blue male. One of the ruddy females is a bit "slow" and called a special needs Aby. But she is very very sweet and loving. These 3 were turned in by a "breeder" who gave up trying to breed for fun and profit. The Helping Hands Rescue at West End Animal Hospital is handling these adoptions. Kirsten is the contact and can be reached at 352-208-1590/352-472-7626 or

These 3 Abys are in good health and have no "issues". If you are interested, don't dawdle, they will be adopted very quickly. -- They are all adopted


Sophie above Lola to right

Sophie is the Alpha female and wants that to remain the case, so she may not fit in with other cats.

Sophie has an adoption pending as of 6/22/03

Two lovely Florida Abys have become available to adopt. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them except their owner has allergies to them. They don't like each other very much, so they can be adopted separately.

Lola is the Omega female, so she probably shouldn't be with aggressive cats.

Both cats love attention and crave it. They will make wonderful companions in their furrever home.

If you are interested in adopting, contact Carol
Lola has been adopted. 6/5/03

Holly's adoption is being handled by Kirsten at -- this is not an NAR rescue, Kirsten has her own screening process.
HOLLY is a VERY sweet little 7 year old RUDDY ABYSSINIAN with bright gold eyes (they are closed in these pictures due to the flash). She is spayed, front declawed, healthy, and came from a loving, caring home. She has a gentle, quiet nature and can often be found laying on her back with her tummy in the sun, happily purring. Holly is fine with other cats and just a little round doll. This sweetheart REALLY REALLY NEEDS a permanent forever home!! She is available due to the illness of her owner and is located in the Milwaukee/Chicago area. Holly is adopted.

Ashley above
Cramer above.

6/22/03 Ashley & Cramer have been adopted and are doing well in their new homes. They were adopted together and continue to live as best friends with some wonderful Aby lovers who appreciated how important it was for these two to remain together.

7/03 -- updates indicate that everyone has settled in and the Abys now own the home and a regular love fest is happening.

     Ashley and Cramer were being sold as a "breeding pair" at yet another Mill Auction in SW Missouri. The breeder was going out of business. Through donations from Abyssinian fanciers across the country, funds were raised to buy these two lucky cats, thus rescuing them from a life in a cage as "kitten factories". At the auction our contact was bidding against the millers (commercial breeders). Thus, if we didn't buy them, they would have gone back to living in unacceptable conditions in yet another kitten mill..
     Once in our hands, we realized just how sick the cats were.....bad URI......both of them. Poor Cramer's sinuses were so infected that when I (foster parent) first saw him, he had blood bubbling out of his nose. Ashley was having fits of sneezing. It was incredulous that these cats were being sold on the auction block despite being so very sick !!! A couple of serious rounds of antiboitics have now cleared up the URI.
     Cramer, the male is ruddy, born on 3/30/98. Ashley, the female is red, born on 6/20/01. Both have their CFA papers are amazinglly well-socialized for mill cats. Cramer has a most unique profile.
     Ashely is a very sweet little girl with gorgeous yellow eyes. She has a slight head tilt to the left. The vet said it was probably due to an untreated infection as a kitten. It's very endearing though as it gives her a perpetually inquisitive appearance. She loves to play with feathers and her cat nip toy. That and having the back of her neck scratched. She was pretty thin when we got her, but has finally put on some weight.
     Cramer is just one kewl dude. Very calm and self assured. His name fits him perfectly. He is quite lovey, stands on your shoulders to rub his face properly on your chin. Once the affection is really rolling, he starts drooling. He is currently having some trouble with one of his eyes and will not be ready to go for adoption until that is cleared up. But he will make a wonderful pet, albeit a most unique looking Aby. Cramer is also quite the talker. He has that wonderful singing purr and trills all the time. When you talk to him......he talks right back. He is such a little character.
     These two are really, really bonded to each other. They are truly husband and wife. Because of this we would prefer they be adopted together, but if that is not possible, we will consider separating them if it means getting them into the right forever home.  In any case, these Abys have had a hard life and deserve the best from here one out.

Contact Cynthia if you want to provide a furrever home for these two. They are located in Louisiana.

Emily (ruddy) becoming quite comfortable in her foster home. The mark inside her ear is her tattoo. Emily is 4 1/2

Not shown here are Crimson (red) (2 years old and taken from the mill on her birthday), Billy (ruddy neutered male -- incomplete records but we believe he is 3 1/2). Riva (ruddy born 4/01 -- a real chatterbox) Spazz is 2 and is a blue female, looks like a kitten. Click on the cat's names for recent updates.
Congratulations to Crimson and Emily -- both were adopted on 4/19/03.

Congratulations Billy, we have an adoption pending as of 5/1/03
Ongoing updates

NAR once again rescues Abys from yet another kitten mill. As of today, 3/30/03, 5 Abys are now 48 hours post kitten mill lives, 6 hours post surgery and in foster homes. Here is what we know about them. They were in cages in rooms with no windows that they could see. They were all declawed on all four paws. It is a real challenge to understand why caged kitten mill cats needed declawing, but perhaps to save time from trimming nails. They are all frightened, but that is understandable. This is a huge change for them. They will all be available for adoption as soon as they adjust and get over the huge stress they have been put through in the past 48 hours. They have traveled from Missouri to Michigan.

I will be starting another page with a diary on their progress and some additional photos. Ongoing updates

If interested, contact Carol

Update on Spaz 3/31 -- she let me touch her feet this morning and I discovered that she does have her claws. She loved the touch and then came to me and wrapped her "arms" around my neck and started washing my face -- I am in heaven, CMcC

Update 4/27 -- see Spazz & Billy links to the left. Both of these cats are ready for new homes now.

Update 5/9/03 -- Riva is now ready for adoption

Photo taken late December

See the Abigail Diary -- click here -- more recent photos linked to this page.

If you are interested in this cat, contact Carol


4/27/03 -- ABAGAIL is adopted and has embraced her new home.

A very special, special needs Aby. This precious Aby was rescued from a kitten mill. In case you don't know, kitten mills are the major supplier of kittens to pet shops around the country. Please never consider purchasing a kitten or puppy from these places. If you knew where they came from you would want nothing to do with that "industry".

Anyway, about Abigail. Her rescue took place in early November. She is being socialized by a wonderful volunteer from Louisiana. The going has been slow and she is not ready to be adopted yet. She needs to be spayed and she still needs more time learning to trust before she is ready to go.

But we wanted to get her story out so we can take our time looking for the perfect home for this deserving Aby. When you read the diary you will understand.

If you want to consider Abigail be prepared to be very patient and be willing to take lots of time with her while she adjusts. It will be a major set back for her when she leaves the foster home.

Abigail recently started sleeping with the dog and seems to like the other cats. So other pets would be okay as long as they are kind.

This male (Socrates) is adopted. He is in poor health due to spending his life in a cage. The angel that adopted him is caring for him. He is comfortable.

Three young Abys (2 years old) have been dumped in a "kill shelter" in Missouri. So far they are in good health. They are 2 females and a male. They are being spayed and neutered and will be moved to foster care shortly.

Lucy is friendly and will probably be adoptable soon. The other two are littermates and are needing to be socialized. If you are willing to work with them, they could be released sooner. There are some fees associated with these cats.

12/30 update. Preliminary information on these cats is that they are frightened, but can be handled fine. We are going to need to find another foster home very soon for these cats.

1/14/03 update. These Abys have been moved to foster care in Texas, except for the male. He was too ill for the trip and will be cared for by the angels that were to transport him. Both girls are going to need some socializing before adopting. Let's hope it doesn't take as long as poor Abigail. Please Please Please never purchase a cat from a pet store. They are the outlet for the breeders of Abys such as these.

1/16/03 update -- One of the girls is considerably improved and is purring and asking for pets. It should not be long now for her to be rehomed. She is in the Houston area.

2/28/03 -- Lucy is still having a hard adjustment, she has been renamed and is now Abigail. These cats were in a basement with very little human contact. The other girl is ready to go to a new home.

3/10/03 -- Abigail is adopted.

3/12/03 -- Lucy is adopted and doing very well in her new home. Still untouchable, but acting like the silly playful Aby she is and is expected to "come around" soon.


Poor Velvet, dumped in a kill shelter a few days ago and kindly rescued from there by a rescue group in Austin, Texas. She was found on the streets and is very stressed by the abrupt change in her circumstances. She doesn't appear to have been on the streets very long at all. She is FelV and FIV negative and has been mirochipped. She is healthy except for a minor URI (very common occurrence in shelters). She is being isolated in the bathroom of the rescue person now. She looks to be purebred Aby even though she was listed as an Aby mix. I think from the photo that she is purebred. In fact a very colorful beauty. She appears to be only 1 year old. Contact Carol


Adopted early March