A Complete Currency Guide To Toon Blast- Mobile Game!

Desire to enjoy the Toon Blast game more! Want to unlock adventurous levels? If yes, then you should collect the game currency in sufficient amount.

Currencies are categorized according to the item to be sold. With the use of currency, you can purchase multiple items and can enjoy the game without any issue in it. In Toon Blast game, there is mainly one kind of currency is used to perform various tasks and, i.e., coins.

Also, without collecting the coins, one cannot run even a single level. So, keep the focus on currency guide of Toon Blast cartoon Puzzle game.


As we discuss, it is only one currency used to perform various tasks which are considered as the premium currency of the game.

To earn this currency, one needs to perform some real toon blast hack and tricks like daily tasks, signing up with Facebook and need to perform other tasks efficiently. It plays the leading part of the game without it no one can enjoy the puzzle.

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Role of currency

Coins can be used for all the tasks, but some of the essential parts are: –

  • Life refills

It is necessary for all users to have a sufficient amount of life refills. Life refills are the power of all the players to replay the level and to enhance the performance.

In other words, it permits all the users to power up the energy in order to pass the level quickly in addition to reduce the chances of losing. One can collect life refills by using coins.

  • Boosters

Boosters are useful for clearing the tough puzzles quickly. It helps to make a dangerous blast which destroys most of the cubes at once.

It permits a user to boost up the power and give a perfect speed while passing the level up. Using coins correctly allows a user to buy the powerful boosters.

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