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Are you fond of the pet animals? Well, then you must be having a few pets at your home. It can be a dog or a cat or even a bird. But have you ever planned to keep a dragon as a pet? You must be almost falling out of the chair at the sheer thought.

Having a pet dragon can be such fun! All you need is a smartphone. Download the Dragon Vale gaming app, and there you go. What fun it will be to hatch the dragons. You can assign names to your pet dragons just like the pet dog. Go on collecting the rare species.

Guidelines For the New Players

There is a first time for every player. When you are going to play dragon Vale for the first time, the following guidelines will help you out to play well right from the first attempt.

  • After downloading and installation of the DragonVale game, the game will be on training mode. It will aid in understanding the functionalities completely. There is the tutorial which will direct you about how to utilize the Gems to accelerate the process. If you can manage without following through in gems usage, you will still have 11 Gems after the tutorial is over. These Gems will help to upgrade the nursery. You can evade the tutorial phase by merely allowing the time past.
  • Keep track of the DragonVale Cash or the Coins. It will help you to buy the various necessities at the Dragon Vale market. You can buy from an extensive collection of decorations, starter dragons, and the habitats for the perfect nurturing of these dragons. The cash earning will start as the dragons will begin to fill the habitats with coins.
  • If you want to earn free dragonvale in game currency then you can headover to https://dragonvalecheats.club where they have posted most useful ways to earn free coins and cash in the game without spending any money online.

We know that the guidelines will help to enjoy all the benefits when you actually start to play.

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