Experts Tips And Cheats Of Dragon City Mobile Game

dragon city cheats tricks

A type of facebook mobile game made up by social industry for providing more enjoyment to game lovers is Dragon City. In the game, a player needs to find more Dragon s and need to train them, feed them for battles.

It allows them to compete with many Dragon s and win up to earn more currencies.

For the battle with different Dragon’s elementals, one player needs to train them properly and need to make them stronger.

There is no need to worries more as here we’ll discuss some expert’s tips and chats which will help you to make a stronger Dragon.

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Elemental Dragon s

Make sure that you have knowledge about the entire elemental Dragon s to win over the battle. Each Dragon consists of their elemental class. Here are some elements that found on rare Dragon s.

  • Terra
  • Flame
  • Dark
  • Metal
  • Light
  • Sea
  • War
  • Pure
  • Legend and ice.

Other classifications of Dragon s

Besides the elemental Dragon s, there are also such other classifications Dragon s are available in game. Such different classifications are:-

  • Hybrid Dragon s
  • Legend- crystal and mirror Dragon
  • Rare hybrid
  • Exclusive – Thor and great white Dragon

Breeding constantly

If one earns more gold, they need to use it for breeding the rare Dragon s. With breeding powerful allows Dragon s to become stronger for the various battles. One can earn more food through farmhouses and through questing. Use these dragon city cheats if one has less gold one can go for that food which takes less time to harvest like- Dragon balls and Dragon chilis.


Exploring more moves allows a Dragon to transform quickly to the next level. It enables players to powerful train the Dragon s for winning various battles to earn gold. Repeating these things allows players to become master and win the game smoothly.

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