Marvel Strike Force Interesting Facts You Need To Know


Marvel Strike Force is one of the popular turn-based strategy RPG game introduced for Android and IOS devices by FoxNext.

Every player in the game needs to create an army of Marvel superheroes as well as missions to protect the earth. They need to fight with dangerous enemies besides the need to win over them to go far.

Plenty of tasks, challenges are added in Marvel Strike Force, which you need to complete. Features, 3D graphics, functions of Marvel Strike Force make it super incredible in comparison to others.

There is no need to purchase the game as it is free to play on Android and iOS devices. However, gamers can buy resources or items from the app store instantly.

They can easily explore more fun by playing the game and by creating a powerful favorite team of Marvel superheroes/villains.

Users can add doctor. Strange, iron man, Electra, spiderman, hulk, and so on as per their wish or mood. If you are the one who needs to know more about Marvel Strike Force game, focuses on the mentioned content more. Here we mentioned all essential as well as interesting facts that players need to know.


The gameplay is easy to understand as gamers need to create a powerful team of heroes/villains besides fight with super enemies.

They can perform various work to win the battle like collecting resources, currencies, training characters, upgrading skills, powers, and so on. There are different game modes available that you can enjoy every day and can reduce all mental stress quickly.


Don’t neglect your daily tasks if you are a beginner in the Marvel Strike Force game. Playing daily missions allow players to gain an array of benefits without getting stressed, depressed, or tensed.

Beginners can learn basics, how to perform smoothly, features, controls, functions by practicing these tasks. Every mission offers different rewards, resources to users that they can use to go far in the Marvel Strike Force game.

The awards and gold you gain from daily tasks help to progress faster in the early stages without facing more complications.

Challenges/campaign missions

Marvel Strike Force offers plenty of challenges as per day or week. Same like daily missions, users can gain more resources by completing these challenges.

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But it is different from regular missions as playing in campaign challenges allows you to unlock more characters, powers, skills. Also, you can unlock more heroes’ shards.

Before playing campaign missions, try to train your characters more and upgrade each ability to make them more powerful. Upgrading each character wisely and training correctly permits an individual to win more fights as soon as possible.

In-game currencies

To purchase every single item, resource, running the challenges, players need to earn in-game currencies. Four kinds of currencies added in Marvel Strike Force, and each of them plays a significant role.

Maintaining all currencies in a more massive amount by performing game tasks allows you to enjoy more and progress faster. Here are some more cheats for marvel strike force game for you to earn the following resources.

  • Gold
  • Orbs
  • Power cores
  • Energy

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