Pixel Car Racer Beginners Guide – Mobile Game!

A complete beginners guide to pixel car racer game

Lots of racing games are out there by the game industry and to Pixel Car Racer is one of them. Players can play the game on both Android and iOS devices for free.

Yes for playing an exciting racing game users doesn’t need to pay any cent as it is free introduced by Studio Furukawa. Many challenging levels, racing missions, tasks, events, rewards are added in the game, which makes the game fabulous as compared to others.

Playing the game smoothly help gamers to explore endless entertainment as well as reducing all mental stress. If you are trying to get rid of old and dull racing games, then you should try to Pixel Car Racer once.

Game tutorial

At the starting of Pixel Car, Racer game, players need to face a simple game tutorial. With the help of the game tutorial, you can quickly learn all game basics, settings, controls, of Gameplay.

Don’t try to skip this part as it helps you to learn all controls or basics. Moreover, we have mentioned some of the essential and ethical pixel car racer hack and tricks for you to try in this game below.

Different racing modes

car racing modes

The game is available with several types of racing modes where players can adjust themselves. They can easily choose any mode to race with other opponents or to win over them.

Here we are going to mention all the gaming modes which help you to choose any one. Several modes which are added in the game associated with different factors such as- a way of playing, racing concept, and so on.

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  • Drag racing– in this mode, all gamers need to focus on only one thing, and that is shifting gears. There is no need to control the complete car.

They just need to change the gear at proper timing. Proper shifting of gears timely boost the speed of car besides it increases the chances of winning without getting stressed.

  • Street racing mode– getting success or trophy in street racing mode is not an easy task like cutting a piece of cake.

Players need to use different cheats, tips to progress in mode faster like no one another can. Yes, using various strategies in this mode can help users to win every part of race correctly.

A big issue for players in this mode is that they need to face lots of traffic beside they need to drive success for avoiding accidents.

It is suggested you don’t lose your speed and drive successfully without getting depressed.

  • CTF mode– CTF stands for capturing the flag mode. In this mode, users need to protect specific flag until the race is finished.

One needs to choose the mode after getting all detail about it. From it, they are able to choose the right mode and can enjoy the entire game.

Earn in-game currency

It is essential for every player to earn in-the game currency more in order to progress faster. There are three kinds of currencies used in Pixel Car Racer game, namely- Diamonds, Coins, and Cash.

Maintaining them in right amount helps you to play the game smoothly and become the master of racing.

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