Slotomania Cheats And Guide To Play Like A Pro


Slotomania is definitely one of the fines and t best game on the mobile device. For mobile devices there are already so many casino games are available but are different from entire other casino games.

If you wish to win money ad wants to learn the ways than this information will be very helpful for you. It is true that millions of players ply Slotomania, but every player doesn’t know the right way that how they need to play a casino game.

If you know how to control the things in Slotomania then will guide you that can help you to win a huge amount of money.

Some casino games are very addictive because there are so many things available in those games. Slotomania is one of those games that can easily make you addicted to it, and there is no doubt about it.

If you really want to learn Slotomania, then you can read below, and I have written some great tips and hints that can help you with many places in the game.

Connect the game with friends

If you connect Slotomania with facebook, you will get free coins, and it’s a great thing in the game to use those coins in the bets.

It’s a great feature that Slotomania provides to its gamers that they can connect with friends with the help of social media accounts.

In social media, Facebook is the best to connect, and players can connect with friends as well from it. If you have so many friends on facebook, then you can connect with the game and later on you can also play matches with them as well. It’s a great way to earn a huge amount of money, and you will also be able to win coins.

Lots of players don’t connect game with facebook, but I tell you, it’s a great way to connect and earn free coins without any extra efforts and risks.

Turn On the Notifications

Slotomania is best in everything they provide, offers, coins and many more things can be earned in it. If you want to earn the offers and rewards in faster than the best thing you can do is to turn on the notifications of the game and when any new tournament or offer release that provides things in free and without efforts.

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Majority of times Slotomania provide some great prizes for a limited time, and if you log in the game at that time, you can earn money.

Sometimes if you log in late, then you lose the offers and money as well. So always keep on the notification and earn great rewards in free.

Place Small Bets

If you are playing Slotomania for a long time, then you must know you can place the bets as well. Bets are a major part of earning money because earning money is depends on this.

Place low bets at the beginning of the game so if you have less money than you can earn from that low money of the game.

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