Game of Thrones Conquest Features

Released first in the month of October in 2017, Game of Thrones: Conquest is a nostalgic battle simulation game. The storyline of the game is based upon the evergreen Game of Thrones  TV series published by HBO. This game is available for download in Android and iOS platforms only.

A place called Westeros has been under the deadly grip of a massive political fiasco. The 7 Kingdoms are under immense danger, and you should fight for the position of their Lord so that you can re-establish peace and prosperity in the nation. All you need to do in order to fight your enemies is: build a strong territory with excellent defence and attack capabilities.

Sailing through the dreadful political scenario of Westeros, you need to claim the Iron Throne, to get supreme and unbeatable powers.

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The first and foremost step of the game is to build a convincing territory, that fulfils each and every criteria of the game. The buildings in your province include the City Hall, Barracks and many others. As all buildings serve different purposes, such as training troops and generating resources, you need to upgrade them regularly in order to keep up their maximum output.

The second feature of the game is that you can recruit good type and number of troops in each of Infantry, Cavalry and Range divisions. Selecting appropriate troops can greatly enhance one’s performance in a battle, thus earning them more rewards. In order to create/upgrade new weaponry and armours, you will need raw materials such as iron and copper which you can collect through your quests. Depending on the levels of your Barracks, Range and the Stable, the number and tiers of troops that can be trained at a certain time frame will vary. Your troops can not only be used for battles, but also for hunting and gathering resources.

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As with every other game, this game also has an in-game currency in the form of gold. Although there are various resources such as food, wood and stones, the most premium among them is gold. This gold can be used for various purposes such as training speed-ups, buying new resources, etc. To earn gold through your battles is a strenuous task though. But with the help of many GOT Conquest Cheats like Daily Quests and other complementary challenges assigned to you in the game, you can easily build up a stack of gold in almost no time.

The game developers have also put in a few social features in this game through which you can have allies, by joining an Allegiance. It’s basically another form of a clan in CoC, where you can chat, share strategies and also share resources with its members. The better your Alliance is, the higher is its probability to pursue a rank among the World’s Top Allegiances. 

So what are you waiting for? Download and start strengthening your territory in Game of Thrones: Conquest right away to gather The Crown!

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